Sketchy Inspiration #51: Eric Chase Anderson

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Eric Chase Anderson (ECA) is the brother of director Wes Anderson (whose new film, Moonrise Kingdom, premiers today at the Cannes Film Festival) and a huge talent in his own right. A novelist and self-described “late-blooming illustrator”, he helped conceptualize the production design of his brother’s inimitably stylish film, The Royal Tenanbaums, and created all of the artwork attributed to “Richie Tenenbaum”. In a interview, ECA described his technique: “‘Illustrating’ I think means something that’s made to be reproduced, and that’s what I do, as all my heroes did, too. I use a drafting pencil, drafting pens with waterproof india ink, and gouache paint, which is opaque watercolor — the same thing magazine and advertising illustrators used (it was once called designer’s color).” If you want to learn more about ECA, good luck — there isn’t much out there.

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