About Sketchy Miami

The goal of Sketchy Miami is to create a portrait of every person in Miami. Here’s how it works:

1) Miami residents submit photographs of themselves.

2) Artists create portraits based on the faces in the Sketchy Miami photo gallery and submit them for posting.

3) As they are completed, the Sketchys appear on the homepage with a link to their photographs and to the artists’ personal profile pages. In this way, each post is as much about the artist as the subject of the Sketchy itself.

Who can take part?

Anyone who calls Miami home can submit a photo to the Sketchy Miami photo gallery, and any artist — from amateur to grand master — can create Sketchys based on the photos in the gallery.

Why do this?

The relationship between portrait subject and portraitist is one of the strongest in the history of art. (Think of the bond between Mona Lisa and Leonardo.) Sketchy Miami seeks to facilitate this relationship between thousands of local artists and residents. We believe the intimate nature of the exchange — giving one’s image, one’s face, to an artist to depict — will forge a bond as no other art form could. In time, Sketchy Miami will become a definitive and inspiring testament to Miami’s diversity — ethnic, creative, physiognomic, and otherwise.

No Self-Portrait Policy

Self-portraits are awesome, but they don’t work for Sketchy Miami because the essence of this project is exchange. We want artists and the general public to come together through portraiture, and self-portraits, by definition, do not involve interaction.

Who’s behind Sketchy Miami?

Sketchy Miami is a sister site of Beached Miami, Miami’s top independent culture blog. Robby Campbell and Jordan Melnick turn the lights on every morning, but the most important people involved in the project are without a doubt the artists and Miami residents who take part.