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Sketchy Miami Collage

A handful of the more than 425 Sketchys created to date.

I can’t believe we’re starting a Sketchy Miami blog. Sketchy Miami was originally conceived of as a project of a blog — Beached Miami — and now it has grown to the point where it needs one of its own. That is a great development, of course. We are thrilled that since the official launch of this website back in late June more than 540 people have submitted photos and more than 130 artists have created more than 425 Sketchys.

We did not see this coming. Back when we were planning Sketchy Party #1, we told Dan Milewski, the owner of Lester’s cafe, that we were expecting between 40 and 50 people, and that we would be surprised if 60 showed up. In the end, more than 400 people came to that first party. Six weeks later, more than 1,000 people came to the Bakehouse Art Complex for Sketchy Party #2.

That was awesome. It was, I believe, a testament to a hunger in Miami for new cultural experiences, including the chance for people to meet artists in the flesh, to sit with them, and for them, to put faces to names, to meet the person behind a signature or hyperlink.

It is this hunger that is driving the success of Sketchy Miami. I say this all the time because it’s true: The project would be nothing without the people who submit their photos to the site — a simple act that nonetheless requires a measure of trust — and the artists who, for no material gain, share their creativity to adorn the walls of sketchymiami.com with hundreds upon hundreds of Sketchys.

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