Begoñe Cazalis

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Begoñe Cazalis

“Begoñe, known as Bego in the streets of Miami, has lived all ova the greater Miami Area. Grew up in Miami Beach, attended Beach High, then FIU, wrote for the Miami Herald, the Miami Today, then worked for St. Thomas University and now for the City of Homestead in communications. She really knows Miami, as her famous, but discontinued, blog called IknowMiami shows. She is a founder and member of the Front Yard Theatre Collective where every month in Wynwood she does improv, open mic and skits she and the theater troop write and perform. You can bump into her in 29th st and Biscayne, The Everglades, the Mexican Farmer’s Market, the beach or the Vagabond. She is an artist lover.”

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