Erica Sommer

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Erica Sommer

About: Erica-Sommer, originally a native of Atlanta, GA, but for over half of her life has come to call Miami, FL home, has wowed audiences for years, yet she has never quite fallen into any pigeon-hole of genre, style, writing or vibe. With a truly unique vocal delivery enveloping a sultry, sexy natural rasp, yet a strong, solid voice of many colors, she grasps the audiences attention from start to finish. Over the years, Erica-Sommer has performed in various facets from Raging Geisha, E-S-P, The BitterSweet, solo project, cover bands, and much more. As the front woman and co-writer with David Siegel of the ongoing urban rock band, RAGING GEISHA, she has toured various regions of the U. S. including House of Blues in Houston and Dallas, TX, as well as New Orleans, Houma, Baton Rouge, several clubs in NYC, Philly, L. A., Atlanta, Baton Rouge, New Smyrna, and of course, home-sweet-home MIAMI! RAGING GEISHA has showcased on the main stages at Florida Music Festival several years in a row, opened for Smashmouth, Who’s Bad, Afroman, and been featured in many video shoots and interviews for radio, television, and internet. Erica-Sommer began singing and dancing at the age of 4 and eventually fell in love with the piano which became an essential best-friend for her songwriting. With a diverse background in her musical journey, including her father’s influence, who was a great jazz bassist, her classical vocal studies from middle school through college, as well as studying/performing classical, jazz & musical theater at University of Miami, and of course the best influences of all… MTV, VHI and local radio, it is no wonder that Erica-Sommer has such a diverse eclectic sound, delivery, and approach to all that she takes on. Currently, Erica-Sommer also has her own solo project, THE BITTERSWEET, in which the name says it all. In this project, she delivers provocatively sweet, yet bitter trials and tribulations of the heart and of life. Many across the board say that her music is the material that soundtracks are made of. Her voice is strong, yet haunting, solid, yet daunting–and in the end, you know that she has embraced you with open arms and taken you on an extremely revealing and intimate journey. Other highlights in Erica-Sommer’s musical career have been singing background vocals for Celine Dion’s RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, backgrounds on four tracks on the newly released album Coffee by quickly rising artist SJ, guide vocal tracks for a play-a-long Warner Bros. DVD of Avril Lavigne songs, and several classical and choral recordings including Brahm’s Requiem, John Rutter’s Requiem, etc. Currently, Erica-Sommer is also a featured live performer and group facilitator with Song Division, who provides live entertainment and songwriting workshops to corporate conferences and conventions worldwide. Erica-Sommer is a well-seasoned singer/songwriter painting colorful stories of love, heartache, personal tragedies and victories… Holding back nothing, Erica-Sommer bares her soul to all that care to listen. Whether she is singing solo, fronting her rock band, or putting her spin on a collection of covers, Erica-Sommer owns whatever she takes on and gives it her absolute all, and in the end she refuses to be put into anyone’s “box”!

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