Franklin’s Wheel

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Franklin's Wheel

Band members: Mike Matthews, Robert Barcelo, Jian Beckford, Brian Smith, Paul Messina, Rey Conga Diaz, Juan Ito Gil

About: Franklin’s Wheel creates music that takes you on a journey, through various moods, sounds and textures—from soothing ambiance to dynamic crescendos and percussive, upbeat grooves. The music created by Franklin’s Wheel is filtered through influences that include Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, and Santana. The band’s music is arranged to allow room for musical freedom and exploration, so no two Franklin’s Wheel performances are alike. Franklin’s Wheel is a jazz/rock fusion jam band from Miami, FL, featuring Juan Ito Gil on vocals, Mike Matthews on guitar, Paul Messina on sax and flute, Brian Smith on keyboard, Jian Beckford on bass, Robert Barcelo on drums, and Rey “Conga” Diaz on percussion. The band was born out of a desire to explore jazz/rock fusion in a contemporary alternative rock/jam band format that pays homage to the rootsy fusion sound of the 1970s. The band members are all seasoned veterans of the South Florida music scene and beyond, and bring their diverse influences together in a unique blend of styles.

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