Gold Dust Lounge

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Gold Dust Lounge

Band members: Russell Mofsky, Steve Watt, Chris DeAngelis, Brian Tate, Rodrigo Zambrona, and James Quinlan

About: Gold Dust Lounge is a musical project led by guitarist/songwriter, Russell Mofsky. Mofsky is a native of South Florida who came up through the DIY punk scene of the late 1980s. He was a member of the critically-acclaimed band Quit who were regulars in independent music circles and shared the stage with bands such as Social Distortion, Green Day, Fugazi, Marilyn Manson, Butthole Surfers, 7-Seconds, Samiam, and ALL. In 1994 Mofsky left Miami to pursue a degree in jazz guitar at the New England Conservatory of Music and spent the next 15 years as a working musician in a wide variety of contexts. In 2007, he returned to South Florida and started Gold Dust Lounge as a way to explore and integrate a broad range of musical influences. Gold Dust Lounge is a collaborative project and over the years, a number of musicians have rotated through the ranks changing the flavor and feeling of the music on any given night. Current members include Steve Watt on drums, and Chris DeAngelis, Brian Tate, James Quinlan, or Rodrigo Zambrona on bass. As befits the name, the music has a down-tempo ambient feel, with eclectic elements that surface and recede. Think Twin Peaks meets Pulp Fiction meets Ennio Morricone. Consider it the soundtrack for an imaginary film of your own making.

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    Whiteeeeyyyyy!~ recognized from tha Sketchy.

    rok ROK AUN!

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