The Digital Breed

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The Digital Breed

Band members: joseph merlino , fred miguel

About: The Digital Breed was founded on September 10, 2010 by Fred Miguel and Joe Merlino. Based out of Miami, Florida the group consist of a Dj and producer who love to experiment with all different types of music. They’re style is based on Dance Music as they have produced Progressive, Electro, Tech House tracks as well as Dubstep and Drum and Bass Tracks. On October 28th of 2011 they made Their Beatport Debut Releasing the Single Digital Storm which they entered the top 100 Glitch Hop Charts with Digital Storm ……….Joe Merlino, born in Miami, has been producing for over 13 years. By the age of 12 young Joey was exposed to the growing Drum & Bass scene. Attending these underground parties he found himself enthralled by the reaction of the crowd to the fast paced Drum & Bass. Under the direction of his brother-in-law, Joe began producing music in his early teen years. Later, he moved on to hip hop, but it wasn’t until being paralyzed at 18 that he really began to develop and polish his skills. After being approached by his childhood friend, Fred Miguel, about using his skills in the electronic world, the two decided to come together, thus forming The Digital Breed. Fred Miguel, born in L.A. in the midst of the mid 80’s, has always been surrounded by music. Nephew to an aspiring experimental DJ, his uncle exposed him to 70’s rock, 70’s disco, 80’s flash, and 90’s pop. Fred’s taste in music has always been considerably diverse and, as he put it, “I grew up skateboarding so I was exposed to all types of music.” In the early 2000’s, when Hip-Hop still ruled the charts, Fred began to wander off into the Dance World where his interest was peaked by trance and DJ’s like Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, and George Acosta. In 2004 Fred attended his first Ultra Music Festival where he saw big names like Fat Boy Slim, Carl Cox, and Tiesto. This experience cemented his hopes of pursuing a DJ life and producing his own sounds. Years later, Benny Bennassi and Global DJ’s attracted him to Electro. In 2009, he finally bought his first set up and a year later formed The Digital Breed with fellow Breed member, Joe Merlino

Band website: TheDigitalBreed

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