The Holstered

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The Holstered

Band members: Divo Garcia, Jorge Hernandez, Mark Cabrales

About: The idea behind The Holstered was a couple of rock and roll guy’s love of ‘70s inspired rock. The catchy hooks, loud guitars, cool vintage gear, and a “lets do what we do, and try to have a good time doing it attitude.” The band wears their influences on their sleeve; you’ll hear familiar licks, their love of lo-fi production, and plenty of audio attitude for the unsuspecting listener. Formed in 2011, the band consists of Divo Garcia, bass and vocals, Jorge Hernandez, guitar and vocals and Mark Cabrales, drums and vocals. All three members have an impressive history of prior rock and roll bands that have provided the foundation for what is The Holstered, no need to brag. The band just finished recording an EP of catchy material with a nod of unapologetic worship to old school rock and roll reminiscent of The Stooges, The Black Keys, Sweet, The Cars, The Stones, Cheap Trick, and the Velvet Underground.

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