Sketchy Gallery

The Sketchy Gallery showcases hundreds of the portraits created by Miami artists of Miami faces. Essentially, it’s an aerial view of the explosion of creativity and community that are the lifeblood of Sketchy Miami. Click on any thumbnail to view the image in full size on its post page, which has links to the artist’s profile page and the photo that inspired the sketchy. We’ll be updating the Sketchy Gallery with new portraits on an ongoing basis, so keep ’em coming!

Jorge Moreno by Richard the Mink

Joanna Stewart & Miranda Göransson by Robby Campbell

Dreaming in Stereo by David Harris


Jim Camacho by Erin Chainani

Jade Deblaker by Oscar E Alonso

Mary Cogam by Robby Campbell

Lizette Santana by Matt Bendet

Karla by Mary Capasso

Kristina Love by Gina Croce

The-Mann-Sisters by Erin Chainani

The Digital Breed by Katherine Tanner

Mann Sisters by Sascha Rybinski

Raffa y Rainer by Richard the Mink

Rat Bastard by Robby Campbell

SophEye by Katherine Tanner

Eddie Moreno by Cristina Isabel Rivera

Vic Kingsley by Samantha Thrall

Baby B Strings by Jen Meyer

Gold-Dust-Lounge by Erin Chainani

Jennifer Kaiser by Samantha Thrall

sopheye by Nate Dee Delinois

Khyri Jones by Teajay

Jill Hartmann by Samantha Thrall 2

Nacho From Arboles Libres by JeanPaul Mallozzi

The Digital Breed by Oscar E Alonso

Sam Friend by Erin Chainani

Nacho from Arboles Libres by Alejandra Abad

Stop the Presses by Samantha Thrall

Sopheye by Teajay

Jordan Melnick by David Haris

Ketchy Shuby by Samantha Thrall

Erica Sommer by Oscar E Alonso

The Deadly Blank by Amanda Green

Stewart Stewart by Mary Capasso

Teajay Smith-Piersall by Samantha Thrall

Plains by Robby Campbell

Beach Day by Oscar E Alonso

The Monas by Nadyia Duff

valentine melstrom by Brian Butler

Maor Ouzana by Richard the Mink

Analys Carrasquel by Nathan Delenois

Gallery Test (1)

Gallery Test (2)

Gallery Test (3)

Rochelle M by jen meyer

Gallery Test (5)

Gabriel de Varona by Lizzie Hunter

Vanesa Ibarlucea by Erin Chainani

iLLPHiLby Jen Meyer-

Misha Verzura by Katherine Tanner

Claudia-Ortega by Nathan Dee Delinios 2

Erica G. by Katherine Tanner

ADAM ROSENBLATT by Robby Campbell

Jessica Lugo by Katherine

marypoppins by Nadyia Duff

Christy-Cartaya by Erin Chainani

Elina by Amy Stafford

Isabel Docal by Kelsey Reider

ForevaKailyn by Kent Hernandez

YUN_LIU by Vlada

Lucas by Robby Campbell

Patricia Sanchez by Erin Chainani

ZEN JAMES by Vlada

Teisha by Marcus

Danny_and_Liam by Vlada

Rock Elijah by Nathan Dee Delinois

Jorge-Daumy-Jr by Jeiddy Lopez

Teisha by Erin Chainani

Amy Plotkin by Vlada

Dorcas by Martin Rodriguez

Maor Ouzana by Erin Chainani

Mike Bush by Nathan

Tolik by Brian Butler

Rock Elijah by Nadyia Duff

erica-G by Rubin Gabeau

ERIN N by Rubin Gabeau

Karla by Marcus

ROBO CRUZ by Esther Weinbach

S. Peppy Bennett by Martin Rodriguez

Monique  Cuadros By Marcus B

Dave and Dexter by Martin Rodriguez

Peppy Bennett by Kim Moore

Jennyfer by Oscar Alonso

Mike Samuel by Nadyia Duff

Karla by Christina Fernandez

Monique L by Robby Campbell

Emily Vogel by Kim Moore

Matt-Walter BY Marcelo Daldoce

Sebastian (Boo) by JeanPaul Mallozzi

Karen-Padron by JeanPaul Mallozzi

Todd Cervini by Olivier Casse

Karla by Brian Butler

Todd Cervini-halloween by jen meyer

Rob Nowicki (Pink) by Ximena Prugue

Rachel Tuckerman-Halloween-by Jen Meyer

matt gajewski (boo) by Jason Snyder

Amelia Arce (Boo) by jen meyer

Everly and Matilda Brewe by Erin Chainani

Stephanie-Spiegel by Elizabeth Garcia

Cristina Isabela by Jeiddy Lopez

Richard Hernandez by Brian Butler

Erica G by Brian Butler


Cari G PINK by Martin Rodriguez

Raquel by Brian Butler

dara simkin by Jason Snyder

Rob-Nowicki-Pink by Erin Chainani

Jesse Tomalty by Nathan

Eli Blanco by David Vance

Bessy Morales by Martin Rodriguez

Robin Geddie by Francisco  Ferreiro

ALVARO by Marcelo Daldoce

Gaby Pink by Eli Blanco 2

Kareem 2

jose-miguel-sketchy by Nathan

Manny Pistol by Christina Frigo

Elizabeth Carder by Monique Lassooij

Arielle Angel by Brian Butler

Talia Rodriguez by Elizabeth Garcia

Julian Zuluaga by Patrick Garcia

Denise and Lauren by Martin Rodriguez

Gregg Steward by Oscar E. Alonso

Shannon Ashley by Jason Snyder

Heike Wollenweber by B M de Varona

Jesus Jay by Nathan Delinois

J Matt Hoch by Marcelo Daldoce

Katya Bravo by BMD Varona

Carolina Rodriguez by Martin Rodriguez

Heily R. by Elena Zapata

Anna Tomica by Lucia Guzman Sukoff

Ximena Prugue by Kim Moore

Viviana Otero by Martin Rodriguez

Analys by Carrasquel by Dino DiArtist

Eddie Alicea by Nadyia Duff

Dave Blount by Derek Wilson

Ivan Frank by Lucienne Lopez de Victoria

Geoff Campbell by JeanPaul Mallozzi

Evelyn F by Tony Mendoza

Margarita-Cardenas by Christina Fernandez

Tatiana Maria by Asanyah

Celi Fong by Ana Gonzalez

Ernesto Jericho Breijo by Tony Mendoza

Adam Schachner by Daniel Blair

Amanda G

J Matt Hoch by David Vance

Elizannette Blanco by Daniel Ortiz

Ana GGS BY Christopher Ramos

DANI LLAMAS by Daviann Morais

danielle keener by Brandon Bennington

Balery by Lucia Guzman Sukoff

Martin Rodriguez by Viviana Otero

Mike_Bush by Oscar E

Sue Helen by Jen Page

Gabe Steinberg

Abigail Pope by lucia Guzman Sukoff

Abigail Pope by Carrie Sieh

Lety Castillo by Kristen Soller

Melanie Erker by Aysha Marie Zouain

Dani Llamas by mike rivamonte

Jordan Melnick by Angela Guyton

Ian Griggs by Oscar E


Heily R by Mike Rivamonte

Dani Dorrego by Alberto Siordia

Grant P

J Matt Hoch by JeanPaul Mallozzi

Stewart Stewart by Marcelo Daldoce

Nadyia Duff by Daniel Ortiz

MikeBush by Angela Guyton

Brett Campbell by Eli Blanco 2

Kayla Almeida by JUAN Carlos ARANA

Adal Delgado by Angela Guyton

Sherrie Varpula by Daniel Ortiz

Yuval by Pommier

Collin by Eli

Yanetz by Loo

Patrick Garcia by Ubergina


Tommy Pesavento by Jen Meyer

Alan Papir by Brandon Bennington


Sheila Fatima by Fasi

william pettigrew

Jorge Daumy by Grant Pilon

Abigail Pope by Eli Blanco


ESPERANZA by Kaelsie Saravia

Phillip Saunders by Jen Meyer

Brett Campbell by Maria Sonia Martin

Steph Akiba by Geoff

Sketchy Arleen Delima

Abigail Pope by Tatiana Maria

Caitlin Burton by Turk

gabe small1

Rebeca-Chavarria by Christina Fernandez

Jeiddy Lopez by Russ Ronat

Oliver Sanchez by Gapkovska

Balery by Jason Snyder


Sheila Fatima by Brielle Martinez

CHRIS MENESES by Brian Butler

LEA ANDERSON by Robby Campbell

Ben Y by Francisco Ferreiro

Rocki Cook by Lizzie Hunter

MARCELLA by OlivierCasse

Melissa Cita by Regina Jestrow

Zisko Apaza by Jill

Brandon Kaplan by Erin Chainani


ROB BASSII by Erin Chainani

Roberto Secades by Lila Rosendorf

Barbara Garafolo by Mercy Mendoza

Megan Harmon by Lizzie Hunter

Andre Loli vy Adam Schacner

KATYA BRAVO by Carrie Sieh

Danny and Liam by Andre Loli

Candice Nelms by Samantha Grenier

Robby Campbell by Jeidy Lopez

Lissette Caballero by Erin Chainani

Luciano Fernandez by Melissa Stillman

Micah Kramer by Danielle Keener

Joel Fernandez by Zisco Apaza

Danny and Liam by Lauren Ventura

Robby Campbell by Christina Fernandez

Aryah Elle by Billy Hall

Robert Thompson by  Stephannie Figueroa

Adam Schachner by Erin Chainani

Olga Cano by Andrea Cuccaro

Carolina Rodriguez by Danielle Keener

Gina Casbarro by Zisko Apaza

Tatum Holt by Ana Mettola

Gustavo Gautier by Alicia Zaitsu

Zisko Apaza by Gina Casbarro

Kid Lucid BY Carolina Rodriguez

Katya Bravo by Ana Mettola

Mettola by Katya Bravo

Jessica-Juste by Margaret Meeks

Dara by Ana Mettola

Aleh by Katya Bravo

ADAL DELGADO by Geoff Campbell

Chris Valencia by Brian Butler

TAYLOR ANDRE by Nadyia Duff

Timothy Robinson by Christina Fernandez

Brian Butler by Jeiddy Lopez

Chris Valencia by Jeiddy Lopez

Francisco Ferreiro

Gigi Velez by Jeiddy Lopez

Leah Weston by Ximena Prugue

ROBERT THOMPSON by Lindsey Melnick

HENRY LLACH by Geoffrey Campbell

Collin Worth by Ximena Prugue

Geoff Campbell by Nadyia Duff


Leah Weston by Catherine Fleming

Laura (of Miami)

STEVE ATLAS by Geoff Campbell

Danny and Liam by Roy Neil Hunter

Stef Vidal


Marjorie Duran

Tony Dandrades


William by Chris2 2

Stewart Stewart


Seth Snyder 900


Bill Campbell by Annie Blazejack

Nicole Ricca by Arielle Angel

Landi Melnick by Robby Campbell

Abi Miller by Ximena Prugue

Jose Miguel by Uber Gina

Brett Campbell by William Alton

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